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Kailua condoThere are several condo options in Kailua town, starting at about $300k and up to $700k. One great option that is a short bike ride the beach and within walking distance of just about everything else is Hokulani.

Hokulani in Kailua was built around 1990, with a great location off Aoloa st, so you can walk to the grocery store, Starbucks, and anything in Kailua town. These townhouse style condos are about 800sqft, most with 2 bedrooms, and a decent grounds. The monthly fees are lower than Poinciana Manor or Gardenia Manor because the grounds are not as elaborate. No koi ponds, no pool, no tennis courts.

Hokuani has nice modern construction, and many of them have been nicely updated. At about $360k for a 2bedroom condo, the prices are hard to beat. You

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Even in a buyer's market, a down market, a down economy, you can get multiple offers on properties. I have 2 listings on opposite sides of the island with multiple offers right now.

How is this possible?  WE PRICED THE HOMES FOR THE MARKET!  It's simple - look at the active listings, the comps within 3 months (used to be 6 months but no longer) and put a price on the house that makes it a good buy for any buyer.  Make the decision easy for buyers.  By looking at the active listings, you know exactly what homes they will see.  Then put a price on your listing that makes their choice obvious.

 Some agents and sellers will want to price the home at the same as whatever the other listings are, or the same as recent comps, which means a buyer has to choose

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I am the cause of this law.  I talk on my phone constantly while driving.  I almost always use a headset, but sometimes I don't.  From now on, the new law prohibits the use of any electronic devices while driving.

 Hands-free devices will still be allowed. Headsets, earpieces, or Bluetooth earpieces are ok. Speakerphone is ok too.

The fine for the first offense is $67.

 Sorry everybody, my bad.

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I was showing some homes to a client this week and walked into a home that smelled like flowers. All 3 of us made comments about how nice it smelled and felt happy the whole time we were there. I saw that the owner had lit some candles to make the home smell nice.

Then it hit me - why doesn't everyone try hard to make their home buyer friendly? Why is there so much weird stuff I see, smell, and hear when I walk into a house? So here are 10 things that buyers hate. 10 things that will keep your home from selling, in no particular order.

   1. Smokers. You cannot get smoke out of a house. Change the carpet, paint the walls, buy an ozone machine, and you might not get it out if it's real bad. I don't care if you smoke outside, you still can smell it when

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Looks like we will getting a massive new shopping mall in Kapolei, which is West Oahu for those not familiar with the island.

Kapolei is where all the growth is happening in Oahu, with some massive home building to come in the next few years. There is going to be new contruction in Kapolei for the next 10 yrs. Construction is supposed to begin in late 2010 on the $500 million complex which will have a whopping 1.1 million square feet of commercial space, and 200,000 square feet each of hotel and office space.

The mall is going to be called Ka Makana and is supposed to create about 21,000 construction jobs over five years. Once completed, the whole complex is expected to create 4,000 to 5,000 jobs. The complex is going to have two towers for hotels and

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When you're driving from Honolulu up to Kailua, after you get over the Pali but just before you start heading down the hill to Kailua town, you'll see some streets that seem to go off into the mountains to the right above Kailua. Those are the entrances to Maunawili, a hidden tropical neighborhood that is everything you would imagine from old Hawaii. The peaceful hills and valleys in Maunawili are lined with mature trees, and the homes seem to just barely peek out from behind the lush landscape.

There is a broad range of small homes to large estates, many with beautiful views that look like this. From some places in Maunawili you can even see Luana hills golf course.

When people who don't yet live here think of living in Hawaii, they might picture

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The Disney resort is expected to open in 2011 and provide 1,000 jobs.  There are no plans for a theme park, too bad.  Ko Olina master developer Jeff Stone said, "it's a dream come true."

It will actually increase public access to the beaches at Ko Olina becayse this development will add parking.  There is hardly any parking at all over there.  This development should help in the larger plan of nurturing Kapolei as a secondary urban center, helping to create the true "second city."

Whenever new jobs come to Oahu, and national attention is brought to our island by a big name like Disney, it's sure to help the real estate market in Oahu. Particularly, in this case, the market in Ko Olina and Kapolei. With Kapolei so close and hundreds of properties at Ko

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When you're searching for a home, one of the first things you'll decide is how big a home should be for you. In Hawaii homes are smaller than on the mainland overall.

One way to get more home for your money is to look at single story homes. A two story home has around 15-20 steps, each of which take up square footage. There is usually also a landing area and some hallway that is not really usable space.

Last week I was looking at homes around 2000 sqft, and we found that the 1800 sqft single level homes felt larger, and had more usuable space in the living room and bedrooms.

We saw a little 1400sqft house that seemed bigger than all the 1900ft two story homes we looked at. It had a larger living room and kitchen, and even the master bedroom was quite

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I drove to Ewa Beach from my home in East Oahu last week and encountered something new - NO traffic!  At least not the normal kind. Why? Because the city and county is almost done widening Fort Weaver road, and now it is 3 lanes for almost all of it.

The first thing everyone says about real estate in Ewa Beach is that it takes too long to get there. The homes are newer, nicer, larger, and cheaper, but is it worth sitting in an hour of traffic each way? It is for many, and things are about to get much better.

When this road widening project is complete, the traffic should lighten up quite a bit. In theory it should be cut in about 1/3 or even 1/2. That could be huge for home sales and prices in Ewa Beach. Since traffic is the main thing keeping Ewa

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Most of the buildings and homes in Oahu were built in the booming period during the 60's and 70's, which means just about everything in Oahu needs to be rebuilt now. As I view homes with people looking to buy Oahu real estate, the thing that is most obvious is how run down so many of the homes and buildings are.

Believe it or not, that creates a buying opportunity. It's now time in the history of Oahu for everything to be renovated or rebuilt (big difference.) While many homes and buildings are being renovated, some are choosing to rebuild completely.

Safeway has now opened their biggest store in America in Kapahulu, which is an old neighborhood just outside of Waikiki, and just west of Diamond Head. They tore down a big lot of basically junk buildings,

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