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mawaena kai townhome in hawaii kai Mawaena Kai is one of Hawaii Kai's best marina front communities. Builtin 1988, which is much later than most other marina front complexes, Mawaena Kai has a modern feel and plenty of open spaces that lead to the beautiful marina. Most of the units come with a dock, and this 2nd floor unit has one of the best mooring spots.  

An exquisite unit that has been fully renovated, with wide marina frontage and spectacular views from every window!
The finished loft adds a bonus of 100 sq ft of living area. 


Upgrades: split AC - tiled lanais - plantation shutters - stainless steel appliances - built-in glass cook top and convection self-cleaning oven - quiet-close cabinetry - all premium-grade slab granite and limestone counter tops - double sink

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On October 3, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November as an official national holiday.  People had been celebrating it unofficially for many years, beginning at Plymouth Colony with William Bradford.  But during the civil war, Lincoln wanted Americans to be especially thankful to God for their blessings.

He wrote:

The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies.  To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature, that they cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever watchful

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I'm currently reading "Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations."  It's a very insightful and fact filled book which is part history and part economics lessons.  Readers will learn mucuh about Keynesian economics, which in part caused the downfall of Germany's paper money and the massive hyper-inflation that resulted. hyperinflation1_553

In short, Keynsian economics says the governments should intervene in recessions by printing money and lowering interest rates, in order to stimulate the economy.  Sound familiar? Bernanke and Obama are strict Keynsian economists. 

In the 1920's, "When the debacle was finally stopped, the old (German) mark, which had once been worth a solid 23 cents, was written off at one trillion old marks to one new one

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I'm often asked if Oahu is a safe place to live. Well here some great news for Honolulu. CQ press has taken the 2009 FBI crime data and compiled lists of the safest and most dangerous cities in America.  Honolulu is the 2nd safest city over 500,000.  

Lowest Crime Rate Ranking 

1. El Paso, TX
2. Honolulu, HI
3. New York, NY
4. San Jose, CA
5. San Diego, CA
6. Austin, TX
7. Portland, OR
8. Los Angeles, CA
9. Seattle, WA
10. Fort Worth, TX 

On the flip side, these are the 10 Highest Crime Rate Rankings

1. Detroit, MI
2. Baltimore, MD
3. Memphis, TN
4. Washington, DC
5. Atlanta, GA
Indianapolis, IN
7. Philadelphia, PA
8. Milwaukee, WI
9. Houston, TX
10. Columbus, OH

Here is the report

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The North Shore is usually thought of for huge waves and world class surfing. In the summer the North Shore's biggest and wave, Waimea Bay, turns into a beautiful calm beach.  While these are the two things that mostly draw people to Waimea, there is also the Waimea valley waterfall walk. 

Some people call it a hike, but when you see it you will agree that it is just a pleasant walk.  The waterfall walk is about a half mile or so on a nicely paved path, which starts at this little info shack and ticket counter.  It costs about $30 for a family of four if you live here, and about $100 if you don't.  

waimea valley oahu north shore waterfall

Along the way you'll see some beautiful trees, plants, and probably a peacock or two.  It's not steep except for one spot near the end, and the

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Reuters ran an article about the College Town real estate phenomenon, and I think many people don't realize that Honolulu is a major College Town. The University of Hawaii in Manoa is a huge part of the Honolulu cityscape. 

And since a lot of the Campus Housing at University of Hawaii is really bad, (although some was just renovated) it can make great sense to buy a condo for your kids rather than rent.  And that is exactly what some recent clients of mine did.  They found that buying a nice townhouse meant their daughter could live in a nice area, and they could have a nice place to stay when they visited her.  

Plus, many of the rentals around UH Manoa are so expensive and so gross, it's hard to imagine your kids living in them. I've seen some

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The Oahu real estate sales numbers are out for October, and you may have seen a not-so-optimistic article in the Star Advertiser today.  However, I could not be more sure that our market is about to JUMP UP in sales, because the Star's article missed the most important statistics. . I outline them below.   sunset_beach_house_640

Yes it's true that the median price stayed at about $600k last and the number of sales dropped 17 percent to 241 (read: A LOT) compared to from 290 in October 2009. 

As the article points out, that was because last year at this time, the effect of first time buyer credit was in at its height.

No kidding.  The Federal gov't created a false market, so OF COURSE sales were lower this October.  But October is ALWAYS a lot slower than spring and

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Nanea Kai is a complex in the heart of Hawaii Kai built in 2003.  This $625,000 unit is 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 1582 sqft inside, plus the open lanai.  Plus the maintenance fees are under $350 a month!

It has 1 attached garage and 1 open parking spot.  Hardwood and laminate wood floors, corian counters, stainless appliances, and a large loft that serves as a family room or play room.  Nanea Kai is just a couple minutes walk to the Hawaii Kai town center and the Safeway center. 

Check out the beautiful complex built in '03, trees starting to grow a bit.


This nice kitchen great room opens up to thelarge living space.  Nice stainless upgrades. 

nanea kai town home 

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In October 60 homes and 71 condos sold on the entire island of Maui.  In comparison, that's about the number of sales in just East Oahu.  In September, about 275 homes sold on Oahu.

While the sales on Oahu are up over 30% this year, sales on Maui fell 19 percent in October compared to a year ago, though Maui condo sales rose 16 percent.  Big Island Sales dropped in October 10.3 percent to 113 from 126 during the same month last year.

The Big Island median price of $272,000, down 2.3 percent less than last year.

The median price on Maui was $435,000, down 11 percent from October 2009. 

On Oahu, the median price is about $600,000, up from last year just a bit. 

Maybe the biggest indicator of the difference between Oahu, Maui is the number

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