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 It's 80 degrees, breezy, and the water is about 75 degrees.  Just another "winter" day on Oahu.  How is the weather where you are?  And WHY don't you live in Hawaii yet?

Here is the view out to the ocean over my neighborhood.  My house hidden in the trees.


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I went through some of the Census data and tried to glean anything interesting for real estate purposes. 

Here are some highlights:

148,764 more people live in Hawaii today compared to 10 years ago.  Our State population now totals 1,360,301, up 12.3 percent from the 1,211,537 people who lived here 10 years ago. It's hard to even imagine where these people live, considering there haven't been very many new homes built since then.  No wonder there is a housing shortage! 

As the population increases, the Island gets more expensive. I've talked about this over and over, but the Census really drives that home.  If there really are 12.3 percent more people over just a 10 year period, we are going to run out of room very quickly.  More likely, they

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hawaii kai boat paradeThis year's Hawaii Kai Christmas Boat Parade was the best one yet.   The Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association held  the parade Saturday, and it was a great event for the whole family.  I took my family of 5 and found a nice secret spot along with about 50 other people. ;)

There were about 30 boats this year, all decorated with Christmas lights and various creative themes, some with a pretty amazing  amount of preparation involved.  The judges sat in the Towne Center behind the stage as the boats came around twice to show off their decorations. 

Mike Buck, host of the “Mike Buck” show on KHVH AM 830 was the MC again this year. 



hawaii kai marina boat parada 

 This boat featured elves that danced, sang, and told some corny jokes. 



By far the

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Did you ever think of your house as a financial safety net? 

I read a post this morning on Gigi Hawaii's blog, in which she explained that owning a home is about to save her life, so to speak. 

She writes, "We plan to apply for a reverse mortgage next month... If the reverse mortgage goes through, we will pay off our two mortgages and David’s car loan, thereby saving $3,000 per month.  ... We have no choice but to do this. When he was demoted in July, David had a $23,000 pay cut. We have been struggling to meet our financial obligations ever since. With a reverse mortgage, we will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Thank God, we own a house. Where would we be if we were renting?"

The answer to her question is probably - on welfare. 

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Next week, President Barack Obama will arrive in Oahu for his annual Hawaii vacation.  I've had several occassions to be in the vacation home that the President rents, since I had a few interested buyers when it was for sale for $9.5 million. 

This beachfront Kailua property has about half an acre right on the sand, and looks straight down Kailua beach.  The house is only 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and about 5000 square feet.  Not too big, considering many houses on the mainland are triple that size. The location on Kailua beach can't be beat.  This will be the 3rd year in a row that the President has rented this house.  Make sure to read the full post to view all 30 pictures!





Lava rock style poolside



 This is the view from

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xmastreebeachIt's the Christmas season, time to buy gifts, spread cheer, and mostly, focus on the birth of Jesus.  With all the Christmas parties, recitals, and other events, you wouldn't expect people to be doing extremely time consuming and stressfull like - buying a house.

But the statistics show that hundreds of people buy a house on Oahu every December. Around the country, tens of thousands of people will buy a house around Christmas.  And you may not have thought about it but - many sellers are most desperate in December. 

Sellers on the market in December realize it's a bad month for sales.  It's true that December is one of the slowest months of the year for new escrows.  But some sellers are hoping to get their home sold before the new year. Some are

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Mortimer Zuckerman is the editor in chief of U.S. News & World Report, and the chairman and co-publisher of the New York Daily News.  He is the chairman of Boston Properties and has extensive real estate holdings across the U.S., and he  is currently ranked as the 182nd-richest man in America on the Forbes 400.

I was reading an interesting interview of Zuckerman in Forbes, in which he talks about how he has managed to pull off so much success in commerical real estate over the past couple years. The most interesting thing he mentions applies pretty directly to Oahu real estate, though Zuckerman doesn't own property here (yet.) 

He says, "I think that the real estate market is really made up of many markets. Boston Properties is in a very few

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The Oahu real estate sales numbers were released this week, and as many people predicted, there was a large drop in some numbers, especially in condo sales. There were some kind of pessimistic reports out there, but they are wrong.

The total number  of homes that sold was 245, down from 258 last year.  Only 303 condos sold in November, compared to 402 last year.

Why did Oahu condo sales drop so much?  Easy - last year at this time, the first time buyer credit was in full swing. Most of the first time buyers were condo buyers, so of course the numbers are back to normal. In November 2008, there were 195 condo sales, and in November 2009, there were 402!  So it seems the government program did work to get first time buyers into the market.


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It has 11 bedrooms, 10 1/2 baths, 11,684 square feet of roofed living space, and it's right on one of Hawaii's best beaches in Lanikai.  This beachfront lot is nearly one acre (41,924 square feet) and has 91 feet of beach frontage.

 hawaii obama house

For just $14,000,000, you can own this 1988 this resort style home, which has this large gourmet kitchen, complete with commercial style double width refrigerator, 2 dishwashers, 8 burner gas Viking range, and of course, an ocean view.  There are 2 sinks, a separate butler's pantry with prep area, and wine storage.

obama lanikai rental

This is one of the 4 master suites with amazing ocean views down Lanikai beach, and the 20 foot high vaulted ceilings complete with skylights to brighten up your mornings as the sun rises over the ocean.

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Many of my friends and readers all over mainland America and the world are starting to experience the cold of Winter. I just saw a few people on Facebook post something about snow on the ground, cold noses, and cold houses. hawaii-beach_550

I like to remind people, while their hands and feet are freezing and their cars are warming up in the snow, that


Today in Honolulu Hawaii, it's 85 degrees, sunny and breezy.  I'm typing this post in shorts and a T-shirt, and it's a beautiful day outside.  People are at the beach, and my wife is hiking Makapuu lighthouse with friends. 

In contrast, in Colorado Springs Co, it's 49 degrees.  In Columbus Ohio it's 35 degrees and snowing. Bozeman Montana is 32 and snowing. 

And that's why

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