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I just typed out a very long answer to someone who emailed me this useful question, so I thought I would blog it.  ocean pointe house for sale

Assume you have $150,000 down for your investment property. (That's about the minimum you should have for a rental purchase)

Your $150k is 30% of a $500,000 purchase.  Say you are conservative and you buy a 3 bedroom house on Oahu for $450,000. Yes you can do this, in Ewa Beach especially, and it will look like this one. 

$1500/month is the mortgage on about $300k at 4.5%.  You also have taxes of around $100-120/month and insurance of around $120-150/month.  So you are at about $1750 - $1800/month expenses. 

The rent on a house like that is around $2500. Here are some rental listings in that price range. 

If someone is

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emily0622_324The President announced this week that 10,000 troops will return home from Afghanistan by the end of this year, and another 23,000 by the end of next summer, a drawdown of the 30,000-troop surge he ordered to fight there in 2009.  

So 30,000 troops will return home from Afghanistan by next year, and that means that thousands of those soldiers from Schofield Army Barracks, Pearl/Hickam, and Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base will be returning to Hawaii.  And since there is already a wait list for homes on the military bases here, that means they and their families will have to rent or buy a house.  Either way, it's good for Oahu real estate. 

There is already a shortage of homes for sale on Oahu, and if even 200 more military families buy a house (like

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This very large, beautiful house was just listed today. With 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and nearly 4000 sqft under roof, it would be best used as a multigenerational home. There is a new full kitchen along with 2 wetbars, all with very nice counters and cabinets. 

The owner just put in new bamboo floors, granite counters, and fresh paint.  The large family room has room for everyone, and the extra large 2 car garage has plenty of room for their toys.  

MLS 1107732 , $1.777 million fee simple.  We will be having our first open this Sunday 2-5pm.  

More pictures can be seen HERE



Manoa is located in the heart of Honolulu, centered around the University of Hawaii.  Just minutes from Downtown Honolulu, and only 20 minutes from Honolulu

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If you're looking for a beach house on the North Shore, this is THE best one on the market.  For $2.95 million, this house is right on the sand, and has 2801 square feet of space, with 6 bedrooms and 4 baths.  This stunning beach housee has sweeping ocean views.  With new windows and doors, a new kitchen and bar, and plenty of high end upgrades.

 Haleiwa house on the beach

This home has been polished from top to bottom. A Hawaiian style beach front getaway right in front of world class surfing on a very quiet beach. This home sparkles like the ocean at sunset and comes fully furnished.  Check out the link to the slideshow below. For under $3million, this is the best beach front house available on the market right now. 

 North Shore beach front house

Even more pictures available here 

 north shore oahu real estate

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kamehame ridge home back yardAfter nearly 5 months on the market, we have lowered the price of this beautiful little Hawaii Kai home to $750,000. At just over 1400sqft, it's not large, but it sits on half an acre of land, and has been beautifully remodeled with travertine tile, silestone counters, and this brand new decking in the back. 

We started out at $846,000, and had plenty of interest, and at one point were in escrow when the price was $799k.  That buyer canceled due to personal issues. 

Now this is an opportunity to get a house in Hawaii Kai for a great price.  For $750,000, most houses in Hawaii Kai are totally junk. Usually they need a renovation just to move in, but this house is in great shape and newly remodeled.  

I'm certain it will be sold this week, after

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How did your money do over the last 5 and 10 years?  Was housing a terrible investment?  Which did better, stocks or real estate? 

Well look back to 5 years go and say you had chosen to invest in stocks.  If you had $50,000 in (June 2006,) and you had invested in the Dow, you would currently have about $54,870, an increase of 9.7%.  front_400

If you had invested that same $50k 10 years ago in the same Dow stocks, you would have about $54,445, an 8.9% increase.  Basically, any money that you had in the stock market over the last 5 years or 10 years is worth less when you include inflation.  By the way, I have been calling high inflation for about 2 years now, just following most economists.

Now let's say you had invested in Oahu real estate. 


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It's not an all time low, but it's close to a 5 year low.  Right now there are 83 homes for sale in all of Hawaii Kai at any price, most of them well over $1 million. 

In Ewa Beach and Kapolei combined, there are only 137 homes for sale.  That is extremely low.  In all of Kailua, there are 113 homes for sale, most of them well over $1 million. 

For the past 4 years, inventory has been on a steady decline, while sales have increased a bit.  Actually they were up 30% in 2010.  

Why?  Maybe everyone has such a low interest rate that they don't want to sell. Maybe people believe prices will increase if they hold for a while.  Maybe nobody wants to leave Hawaii.  

Whatever the reason, there are very few homes for sale, especially under

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