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Kealaula Kai Real Estate

Most mainlanders can’t even pronounce this development’s name, but it doesn’t matter because it’s just the second phase of Anchorage to most people. It’s pronounced just like it looks: Ke-Ala-Ula Kai. I don’t think people who live here even call it by its name; most people just say it’s Anchorage.

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Kealaula Kai Homes for Sale

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Kealaula Kai Homes

The difference between Kealaula Kai and Anchorage is that Kealaula Kai homes are about seven years newer than the homes in Anchorage, and are often larger and nicer looking.

The marina width is the same as at Anchorage, so if you see a house for sale in this neighborhood, you probably have a winner. If you get too far up Makaa St. though, it gets more narrow, so you have to know which part of the street you’re on.

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