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Mariner’s Cove Real Estate

If you’re looking for marina front real estate in the Hawaii Kai neighborhood of Mariner’s Cove, you’re going to be looking at properties in Niumalu Loop or along Kalanipuu St.

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Mariner’s Cove Homes for Sale

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Mariner’s Cove Homes

I’ve found that some homes in Niumalu Loop range from just okay to kind of run down, while all of Kalanipuu St. seems to have very nice houses in great shape. These two streets are very similar to Anchorage, except that they face the opposite way into the setting sun. While most Mariner’s Cove homes won’t get too much sun because of Mariner’s Ridge (which is a good thing), some are going to get a lot of sun all day. Niumalu Loop can get you facing either direction depending on which part you’re on, and all Mariner’s Cove real estate has pretty wide marina frontage.

The homes that are located in the middle of Kalanipuu St. that face the bird island are my favorite in Mariner’s Cove. They have very wide frontage, and extensive marina depth (one measures your house, the other measures how far it is across the water on the marina). Prices tend to climb upwards of $2 million for a nice home, and most homes on Kalanipuu are pretty large.

Niumalu homes tend to be smaller unless they’ve been rebuilt. There is a part of Niumalu Loop where Mariner’s cove comes to a point, and properties overlook the entire marina. These homes may have the best location of all Hawaii marina front homes, period.

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