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The Listing Agent & Marketing Your Home

* The “Real” Role of a Listing Agent
* Preliminary Marketing

Marketing your home is my primary job.  It’s the main thing I want to do. I want to spend every day thinking about how to sell your house, so you don’t have to. I will do whatever I can to get the word out about your house, for which I want multiple offers. I want to believe that in any market I can get you multiple offers and get you the best price the market can get you.

I do my marketing mostly online, since almost every buyer starts their search online these days. It’s the fastest and most effective way to get the word out. Direct mail and print ads are slow and are basically a shot in the dark, with hopes that the phone will ring. But with online marketing, we only pay for the results we get, and the potential for buyers to find your house I much greater. I can find you 100 buyers online in the time and with the money it takes to find 1 buyer with print advertising.

The “Real” Role of a Listing Agent

My role is three fold. One is to get your home ready and priced to sell. Whenever I see “priced to sell” on a listing, I laugh, because what is the alternative? It’s priced not to sell? My main job is to figure out how to price your house in a way that will bring you a strong offer, or more than one strong offer. The second thing is to market the heck out of your property. Thirdly, my job is to navigate you through the contract negotiations and escrow in a smooth and efficient manner that will minimize your liability and keep the transaction together.

Even after a home goes into escrow, there is still negotiating that is done, often up to the very end of the escrow. There are always issues to negotiated such as termite work, repairs, closings date changes, amendments to the escrow, etc. Nothing is finished until it’s finished, and I’ll earn my paycheck all the way to the end. Once we have sold your Hawaii home and escrow is closed, you’ll be thankful that you worked with a pro!

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Preliminary Marketing

Marketing your Hawaii house sometimes begins even before it’s in the MLS. As soon as you have told me that your home is going to be for sale, I start to talk with my buyers and to other agents about your home. I tell everyone about the home that is coming up for sale, and sometimes the home can be sold the same day that it comes up for sale.

Before the home is on the MLS I want lots of people all over Hawaii and the world to know that it’s coming up for sale. Since I here from thousands of people all over the world who visit this website, you’ll get great exposure for you home!

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