Oahu has beautiful eye popping luxury homes all around.  With panoramic ocean views, sandy beaches, and gorgeous sunsets, it's easy for us real estate agents to get amazing photos of the properties we sell on this beautiful island. 

But every now and then as I'm browsing new listings, I come across a picture that is so bad that I save it in a folder I have labeled, "ridiculous."  Now that I have enough to share, I thought my readers might find these funny.  All of these photos are from actual MLS listings that appeared on the web.


1. This one was pretty recent, and is actually taken by someone I know.  I
guess this is a picture of a blurry pool, but all I see is the free
camera strap that apparently comes with the condo.   No time to take
another photo I guess.  

 camera strap



2. "Mrs. Seller, I'm going to take a picture of your house, can you hold
still so I can get just the top of your head in it?   No don't worry, I
won't crop you out later."




 3. I'm pretty sure these are not the sellers of this house, but rather a couple different groups of people looking at it.  "Hello boy, do you want to be on the internet? NO? Too bad."  



4. Ok so this one wasn't on the MLS, but I had to include it. I took this at a $1.2 million house I was showing. The listing agent used her own belt to help secure the house. No kidding, she asked me to put the belt back on after we left.  Is this a safe neighborhood?  Well... as long as you have an extra belt around, yes.



5. Purse? Check. Half of some guy's shirt? Check. Bowl of noodles next to your purse? Check.  Ok we are ready to take the picture and sell this house! 



6. You should highlight the features of your home.  If one of those features is a big stack of books "for dummies," then definitely show that in your listing pictures.  You wouldn't want buyers to think you are some stuck up smart guy.




7.  Wow. Just what are we seeing here? Some kind of indoor tent in a half finished "under the stairs" type of room? Fire hazards everywhere but somehow there is a fire sprinkler in this place?  I'm sure this house sold to a nice family of hostage takers.


8. This house comes with a storage shed, which you can either put things inside, or just sort of near. Good thing the tarp is nearly covering up these valuable items or someone might take them.



9.  Not funny, just dark and blurry.  Perfect for your clients with poor eyesight, and/or who like to hold a seance to summon their relatives with bad taste in curtains.



10.  Fire hazard + child height stove = the perfect selling point for this house.  "Your kids will love cooking plastic and paper!"



11.  We have 4 trashcans.  That's 4!




12. Would you like to live near this guy?  Too bad, he's riding away so we don't know who he is.  This agent must have been in a REAL hurry, because he didn't have time to get out of his car or wait for this guy to be out of the shot. At least he rolled down his window.



13.  Someday I would like to take photography lessons.  I think lesson 1 is, if there is a toilet, a dog, and a tackle box, you have good "composition."  



14. There is a lot going on in this picture.  Let's play a sort of "where's Waldo" with it.  I think there are up to 5 people in it. Can you spot them all?



15. And The Winner!  Where do I begin?  I guess this agent didn't have time to get out of the
car. Worse yet, you can see the University of Hawaii hat reflecting in
the windshield.   This house was listed for almost $700k!  For a
commission on $700k, I would be willing to roll down the window or maybe even get all the way out of my car to take
the picture.