May 4, 2021

Why buy North Shore Real Estate?

North Shore Oahu

Why buy North Shore Real Estate?

Oahu's North Shore has some of the highest real estate prices on the island. What sets them apart from the rest of the island? Here are a few insights:

● The North Shore of Oahu is a surf mecca. The winter months see towering waves and legendary surf competitions like the Vans Triple Crown, Billabong Pipe Masters, and The Eddie Big Wave Invitational. A North Shore beach house with front row seats to these competitions could easily run you $5,000,000 to $10,000,000.



● Where there's beach, there's value!


● Tourists flock to Haleiwa when they want an experience that contrasts Waikiki. Tourist presence tends to be a leading indicator of high home prices. Waialua and Mokuleia home prices range from $700,000 - $1M, with Waialua beach homes ranging from $1.4M to $3M. Luxury beach homes on the North Shore can run you from $3M - $14M.


● The majority of North Shore, Oahu condos will be found in the Waialua neighborhood, ranging from $350,000 - $900,000+.


So how can you know if Oahu’s North Shore would be a good fit?

1. You prefer a slower pace of life.

There is a large desire to “Keep the Country, Country” so there are no high rises or late-night night-life. The main thoroughfare is Kamehameha Highway, a simple, two-lane road. While there are several restaurants, surf shops, grocery stores and small retail locations, there is one theater in Laie and no big box stores or malls.

2. You love being outdoors.

The North Shore is a unique combination of surf culture and agriculture. Locals in the area grew up fishing, diving, and hunting. Communities are filled with outdoor adventurers who you’ll find biking past Kaena point, jogging the bike paths, snorkeling in Shark’s Cove and surfing Pipeline. We have skaters and dirt bikers as well as ranchers and hikers.

3. You love space and privacy.

If you’re feeling claustrophobic, an ocean front property can do wonders! Even properties across the street and tucked into the hillside can offer ocean views. Several north shore communities offer large lots: check out Pupukea, Kawailoa, Mokuleia, and Poamoho.



If you need assistance with your North Shore Real Estate research, we would love to help you explore your options, and to equip you with everything you need to secure your new North Shore home with confidence.

April 21, 2021


Congratulations to Jennifer Haole, Leon Chingcuangco and Jeremy Cheng with The Kawaguchi Group for their TRIPLE-TRANSACTION-CLOSINGS!!
Jen's client sold their Mililani townhouse and purchased Leon's client's SFH in Mililani, who then bought Jeremy's client's SFH in Kapolei! Back-to-back-to-back closings! Talk to experienced agents who can help you navigate and guide you to your real estate goals smoothly and efficiently! Visit The Team at today!
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April 9, 2021


CONGRATULATIONS to CHELSEA PFERSCHY and ELAINE VAN de ZANDE for the Sell and Buy transactions for their client. Chelsea and Elaine assisted their client to sell her property and quickly found a perfect upgrade for their client to move to right away, in a building with more amenities and a great location!

If you are planning to sell and upgrade, work with professionals who know how to fit the pieces of your puzzle together in this super-competitive market. Contact Chelsea and Elaine at today to discuss the logistics of selling and buying simultaneously!







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April 6, 2021

Are we in a Real Estate Bubble?

I've lived through 2 real estate bubbles: the Japanese Bubble of the 90's and the 2008 mortgage bubble, but are we in another one now? In March, Oahu’s Housing Prices shattered records with a new median sales price of $950,000

Closed sales of homes and condos saw double-digit growth of 19.1% and 52.7%, compared to March 2020. Single family home prices rose 17.3% year-over-year a 3.5% increase in one month.  

But is it a bubble? I really don't think so. In the 1990's, we had Japanese speculators buying up property with almost no knowledge of the market, and no intent to hold long term.  They were investors throwing money around, buying at stupid prices with hopes of making crazy money.  

In 2007, we had investors buying properties with no money down, interest only, no credit, and speculating on prices continuing to rise forever. I remember one guy said to me, "Real estate prices always rise."  That's when I knew the bubble was about to burst, so I sold all my properties as fast as I could.  

But today it's different.  We have owner occupants with huge down payments, many with all cash, buying properties they want to live in forever.  It's not a bubble, it's a shift.  A shift of people leaving crazy California and coming to paradise. It's a tech shift of people working from home, others retiring.  It's a global shift, and I don't see a bubble anywhere except in the US debt, which is a different topic, but somewhat related.  

Government debt means inflation, and inflation means real estate prices rise.   

With low inventory and high demand, the number of single-family homes and condos sold over the asking price nearly tripled compared to March 2020. During the first quarter of 2021, single-family homes sold over asking price made up 50% of the sales compared to just 19% in quarter one last year, while condos sold above the list price accounted for 29% of the sales compared to 10% in the previous year’s first quarter.

It's not a bubble.  It's an opportunity.


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March 31, 2021

Leon Biggest Sale!

CONGRATULATIONS to LEON CHINGCUANGCO! Leon closed his biggest sale to date with the sale of this beautiful resort unit at Beach Villas @ Ko Olina! Leon was able to negotiate a quick close for his client, and closed in just 22 days! If you've been dreaming of buying a Hawaii resort property, stop dreaming and make it happen with Leon Chingcuangco and his team at






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March 27, 2021

A few things to know before moving to Hawaii in 2021

Since thousands of people are moving to Hawaii in 2021, here are some things to know before moving to Hawaii:

We measure distance by time, not miles.

20 miles in the mainland could be a 30 minute drive, but on Oahu, expect it to be up to an hour.  We do have freeways, but they don’t connect towns like you might be used to. There are no rest stops or food signage. Your map app is a necessity - even for locals. Social media groups and local news/radio are also important traffic guides. Before you buy, know your commute. 

The tropic sun 

Wear sunscreen.  The sun you might be used to in the mainland may not feel the same.  No matter your skin tone, you will burn easier.  The heat is also different.  Until you have lived here for awhile, you will feel hot and muggy and sweaty.  Air conditioners are common, but energy prices are steep. The 2019 average cost of electricity in Oahu was $0.29 per kWh (it’s higher for other islands).Fans and cooler showers will be your best friends.  Also - always keep sunglasses in your car.  Even if it’s cloudy and rainy, the weather can change with a 10 minute drive. 

Hawaiian culture

There is an entertaining side to Hawaii culture, but it is all steeped in history and tradition.  Be ready to learn.  “Hawaiian” is not the same as “Texan” or “Californian.”  Hawaii is born from a rich and diverse Polynesian heritage. This ancestry and bloodline are the only ones who can be called “Hawaiian.”  Many people groups came here to work on the plantations, creating a special melting pot. This resulted in the Pidgin language, blended cuisine, and community becoming like family.  Local children grow up referring to most adults as “auntie” and “uncle.  They also grow up learning Hawaiian words, music, and dance, often culminating in a school program called “Lei Day.”  

Moving your pets

If you are moving with your pets, you will need to start the process early. Hawaii is a rabies-free state and has strict quarantine laws for any cats or dogs moving here. Some highlights from the Hawaii’s Animal Industry Division are listed below. Following these rules will be the difference from having your your dog or cat being released directly on the day you arrive or having them stay up to 120 days of quarantine.

The good news is that when your pet finally is reunited with you in Hawaii, there are several great dog parks and animal-friendly condos and communities to find a home.

  • 10 days before you arrive, assure your cat or dog has a working electronic microchip.

  • More than 30 days before you arrive, assure your cat or dog has been vaccinated at least twice for rabies in its lifetime. The vaccines must be administered more than 30 days apart. Obtain a rabies vaccination certificate for each of the vaccines from your veterinarian.

  • More than 30 days before you arrive, do a FAVN Rabies Antibody Test at an approved lab. Once you have a successful test, wait at least 30 days before you arrive in Hawaii, or your pet will be subject to quarantine for $14.30 each day along with a $244.00 fee.

  • Complete all the documents and send them in a set, so they arrive 10 days before your arrival.

  • Schedule flights to arrive by 3:30 p.m., so the Airport Animal Quarantine Holding Facility has time to inspect and release your pet before 5 p.m. closing time. Otherwise your pet will have to stay overnight for an additional $59 fee.

  • Be ready to pay the $185 Direct Airport Release fee upon arrival.

  • Owners wishing to fly their pet direct to the island of Hawaii, island of Maui or island of Kauai must send in documents in 30 days or more before arrival and request a Neighbor Island Inspection Permit.

Speaking of animals:

You won’t have squirrels or snakes or gators to deal with, but Hawaii has it’s own variety of wildlife. Geckos, peacocks, whales, turtles, mongoose, wild boars, fish, roosters… you could find them all in one day here.  There is diversity amongst the islands, too. Kauai is known for its chickens and Nene birds. Molokai and Maui are known for their deer. In the mountains of Oahu, wild boar are found, and are often hunted by the locals.

Banking in Hawaii

There are no brick and mortar national banks: no Wells Fargo, Bank of America or Chase. So make sure you can have your ebanking information handy and have enough cash and checks to help you get settled. Alternatively, set up a local account in advance. Some of the more prevalent banks in Hawaii are Bank of Hawaii, Central Pacific Bank, American Savings Bank, and First Hawaiian Bank. 

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March 18, 2021

Paiko Lagoon

Congratulations Tony! Tony Kawaguchi just sold this 4.8 million dollar Paiko Lagoon property!
The large grand gated driveway leads to the private, landscaped ocean front level lot, almost 3/4 acre in size! Luxury living in this 4BR/4.5BA 2-story home with an executive chef's kitchen, wine cellar and 3-car garage. Let's talk about Luxury Living on Oahu! Contact Tony today about your dream home search!
March 6, 2021

Market Update: When the government prints $2 trillion, buy houses.

"Don't fight the Fed," is what people say about the stock market when the government prints (fiat) money like it's going out of style (it is.)  Inflation is here, and even the Fed finally acknowledged that this week.  What this means is that your dollar buying power is declining, especially in hard goods, physical things.  Maybe not yet in services and labor, but that's coming too.  
So why are Hawaii housing prices still rising like a rocket to the moon?  #1 Inflation, #2 low rates, #3 low inventory, and #4 people fleeing to their perceived greener pastures.  And the greenest pasture is in the tropical island paradise of Hawaii.  
We saw strong sales in February, with single-family home sales increasing 5.3% and condominium sales soaring 41.1% over last year. Single family homes set a record median sales price of $917,500, a 20% year-over-year increase and a 3.9% jump above last month’s record of $883,000.

48.5% of single-family homes and 29.1% of condo sales sold above asking price last month, with an average of nine days on the market.
The dollar is estimated to be losing about 20% in value this year, so the smart thing to do is to buy real estate.
Feb. 11, 2021

This is the one you've been waiting for!

A spacious, beautifully remodeled 3 bedroom 2.5 bath condo with a double wide lanai and peaceful garden view in the heart of Kailua town. Ride your bike to the beach or to nearby shopping from this gorgeous condo with a brand new wide open kitchen, brand new floors, fixtures, and remodeled baths. You'll love the cool breezes that flow through this unit in quiet Gardenia Manor, one of the best complexes in Kailua. A gorgeous immaculate unit you have to see to appreciate!

"Gorgeous new floors in the spacious living room"

"Check out this beautiful kitchen"

"Relaxing view for a double wide lanai"

"A comfortable place to sleep"

"A spacious laundry room"

"Clean Bathroom"


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Feb. 1, 2021

Waterfront Living in Hawaii Kai!

This is one of the best units in Esplanade, a 2 bedroom ground floor corner location with a private enclosed yard that leads to a large grassy common space.  With no elevators or stairs to this unit, it has the convenience and accessibility of a single story home, but with the benefits of the Esplanade condo. This beautiful condo has remodeled bathrooms and floors, a spacious kitchen and living space, and has been expanded to larger than the standard size.  Pet friendly Esplanade has a salt water pool and jacuzzi, 2 tennis courts, pool table, BBQ areas, gym, putting green, beautiful common areas with koi ponds, storage lockers, security guards, and of course marina frontage with docks!  One of the best condo buildings in Hawaii Kai!