Should military families buy a house while stationed in Hawaii?

Hawaii is the dream assignment for many military families. Living near the beach and enjoying the beautiful warm ocean are some some of the benefits of living in paradise. Investing in a home here can make it that much better!

We've helped dozens of military families make hundreds of thousands of dollars on Hawaii real estate, using their HUGE non taxable housing allowance. Your BAH in Honolulu will be between $2000 - $4000 per month, which gives you a great opportunity to invest in Hawaii Real Estate!

How much house can you buy in Hawaii with your BAH? You'll be surprised! Many military families can afford between $600k and $1million, and you should take advantage of it while you're here!  You may feel like that is way too much to spend on a house, but remember, Hawaii real estate has historically risen between 4-10% per year.  I have seen many families make up to $400,000 in profits on their Hawaii home in just a few years!

I'll help you invest in a house that your family will love, in a safe neighborhood that feels like home!  

I'm your Military realtor in Hawaii!

The Amazing VA loan for Hawaii
The VA in Hawaii allows a loan of $721,050 with zero down! There are also other lenders like Navy Federal Credit Union that will allow you to buy with zero down in Hawaii. People are often surprised at how much they can afford to buy in Hawaii because of all the great loan programs we have here.  And if you can put about $70,000 as a down payment, you can buy a house of up to $1million or more using your VA in Hawaii.

There are a whole lot of military families in Hawaii, buying and selling real estate, and making a ton of money in the process. It's the American way, and since you are putting your lives at risk for our freedom, you're worth every penny!  If you rent a home for $3000 per month for 3 years, that's over $100,000 in rent that you will never see again!  

I have literally handed $400,000 checks to military families who invested in Hawaii and sold their home a few years later.  

While homes in Hawaii are some of the most expensive in the country, that also means that buying real estate in Hawaii can help you make a lot of money to use when you move to other cheaper areas. I've worked with families who bought a small condo here in Hawaii, and when they were transferred to Texas or Colorado, they were able to buy a HUGE house using only the equity they built up on their home here.  A few years ago, a military family bought a house in Ewa Beach, and 4 years later, I helped them sell that house that had gone up by over $250,000.  Since they had faithfully paid down their mortgage for 4 years, that had enough equity to buy a house in Colorado with no mortgage!

Getting assigned to Hawaii is a great opportunity for you. We'll help you every step of the way, showing you which areas of the island are more affordable, which areas are desirable, and very importantly, which areas your family will like!

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There are several military bases in Hawaii, which means there are military families everywhere! 10% of the population of Hawaii is military!   So you want to find a home that is near enough to your base to allow you to commute. You'll be surprised at the traffic in Honolulu, especially during rush hour, and especially travelling to and from the west side, the Ewa Beach side of Oahu.


Army Bases in Hawaii - about 35,000 military and civilian employees!  Where do military families live on Oahu?

TRIPLER There are so many medical personnel at Tripler that it's hard to recognize that it's military sometimes. You just see doctors, nurses, and other health care workers everywhere. The main thing you'll notice is that it's a giant pink building that looks like a resort. If you're stationed at Tripler, you can live almost anywhere on the island, because it is near the H1 and H3 freeways. I have found that a lot of Army doctors and nurses like to live in Kailua and Kaneohe,  just over the hill on the H3.  Kailua is a great little town that feels a lot like mainland beach towns.  Kaneohe has some great country like properties with large lots and cheaper prices than Kailua.

Schofield.  If you're stationed at Schofield, you probably want to live in Royal Kunia, Mililani, Ewa Beach, or the North Shore, because all of those areas are within about a 30 minute drive. The great thing about these areas is that real estate in the Mililani, Royal Kunia, and Ewa Beach areas are newer and cheaper than in Metro Honolulu. In fact it's cheaper than most of the island, and in better condition overall. There are a lot of nice newer houses and condos in Ewa Beach, Royal Kunia, and Mililani, so military families tend to love those areas.  They usually like good quality construction!  Mililani Mauka, Royal Kunia, and Ewa Beach are three of the few master planned communities in Hawaii.

Navy Bases in Hawaii - about 50,000 Total people
Pacific Missile Range Facility
Naval Computer and Telecommuncations Area Master Station
Pearl Harbor Naval complex

There are more Navy personnel in Hawaii than any other branch of the military. Granted, a lot of these are civilian contractors at Pearl Harbor, or E1's and E2's, so they may not be looking to buy a house in Hawaii. For Naval officers and E5's and higher, buying a house in Hawaii is a wonderful added blessing to being stationed here. Since many homes in Hawaii have an ocean view and easy marina access, Hawaii is a wonderful place for Navy personel to live. For those who love the ocean, what better place could there be than Hawaii? Here's an interesting fact: there are over 9000 civilians that work at Pearl Harbor.  If you're stationed at Pearl Harbor, the easiest place to live might be Kaneohe, since you can zip up the H3 and get there with almost no traffic, any time of the day.  Some people stationed at Pearl/Hickam also live in Aiea and Pearl City, which is closer but a bit more crowded and city like.  You have to see it to understand.


Marine Corp Base in Hawaii - about 17,000 Total people
Kaneohe Bay

Kaneohe Bay Marine Corp base is the 2nd largest base on the island, in terms of active duty personel. Like a town in itself, Kaneohe Bay has everything from grocery stores to a golf course, to movie theaters. You almost forget you're in Hawaii until you see the most beautiful ocean views you've ever seen. There are many homes and condos just outside the base, that make military living very easy. Kaneohe and Kailua are wonderful places to live, very family friendly, and there are plenty of military families everywhere. In fact some of the schools have a large percentage of military kids. Shopping for a home around Kaneohe Bay can a wise move for military gamilies, because there are really beautiful homes around the bay and the prices are a little lower than Kailua.  Also you can get a much larger lot out in the country, the Northern end of Kaneohe, in neighborhoods like Ahuimanu, Punaluu, Lulani Ocean, and Haiku Village.


Air Force Bases in Hawaii - about 17,500 Total people
Bellows Air Force Station
Hickam Air Force Base
Wheeler Army Field

The Air Force has a very strong presence in Hawaii, with 2 main bases, Hickam and Bellows, and one smaller one called Wheeler. Hickam is now basically the same as Pearl Harbor, connected in fact.  It's located very central to Honolulu, right where all the traffic converges. It can be a grueling commute in and out of Hickam if you live too far. That's why I recommend that Hickam personell live in close areas like Waipio Gentry, or up the H3 in Kaneohe.  There is housing very close to Hickam, but it's usually not that great.  You never want to live super close to the airport in any town.  I recently sold a nice home to an O3 that was very new and in a nice neighborhood. We had looked all over Honolulu, but found that going just a few minutes out of the area gave us better options.

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