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One of Oahu's largest cities is Pearl City, located in the central southern portion of the island. The Pearl City real estate market is actually made up of several neighborhoods, including Aiea, which is sort of its own little city with over 9,000 people. Residents of Oahu tend to think of Aiea and Pearl City as two very different areas, but the board of REALTORS ® considers it one large region.

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If you're looking for higher end Aiea homes, then you should check out the neighborhoods of Aiea Heights, Royal Summit, and Pacific Palisades. Homes in these areas tend to be larger and have great views of Diamond Head and Pearl Harbor. Elevated above the rest of Aiea, these hillside neighborhoods also have some fantastic older properties that have majestic ocean views.

Pearl City homes start around $600,000 for a small, older house, and go as high as $1 million for a larger property with nice views.

Newtown is a neighborhood situated between Aiea and Pearl City proper, and is where many condos and apartments are located. Condos in Pearl City start at around $400,000 for a decent one. Many Pearl City and Aiea condos are older units that have undergone renovation, and are now quite nice.

Buyers are attracted to real estate in Aiea and Pearl City for a variety of reasons. In addition to the wonderful views, the area is an important suburb of Honolulu. Pearl City is within easy driving distance to downtown, and there are several miles of shoreline along Pearl Harbor for residents to enjoy.

For those who can't afford East Oahu's prices, Pearl City homes are cheaper, and only require a slightly longer commute to town. In fact, Aiea is only about an 8-mile drive to Honolulu.


About the Pearl City Area

The neighborhoods that make up Pearl City and Aiea are Aiea Heights, Foster Village, Halawa, Halawa Heights, Newtown, Pacific Palisades, Pearlridge, Royal Summit, Waiau, and Waimalu.

People who live in Oahu tend to tell you exactly which neighborhood they live in, and get very specific when you ask them where they are from. They could just say, “Pearl City,” but they're more likely to say they live in “Hawala Heights” because it's more specific. Since our island is pretty small, we try to be precise when we talk about geography.

The most dominant physical feature of Pearl City is of course Pearl Harbor, the famous port where WWII started for the U.S. As you're driving through the area, you'll notice the nice hillside residences, the Aloha Stadium, and probably a lot of cheaper-looking houses that sit right on the freeway. That's because H-1 cuts right through the middle of Pearl City, and as you might have guessed, the housing right on the freeway is the cheapest.

Kamehameha Highway (we call it “Kam”) divides Aiea from Pearl Harbor and Pearl City, and acts as a good landmark to understand the dividing lines in the area.

Pearl Ridge

Aiea is home to Pearlridge, Oahu's largest shopping mall. It is a massive mall that you can hardly believe exists on our little island. Pearlridge has just about every store you could ever want, so you don't have to leave Pearl City very often.

Also located in Aiea is Aloha Stadium, so if you're into football and concerts, you might find yourself there often. It's the largest (really the only) stadium on Oahu.

Pearl City and Aiea Schools

There are 5 elementary schools in Aiea and Pearl City, including: Aiea Elementary, Scott Elementary, Waimalu Elementary, Pearlridge Elementary, and Webling. Also in the area is Aiea High School and Aiea Intermediate School.

The Aiea real estate area has slightly higher property tax rates than the rest of Oahu, and maybe that's why the schools here consistently rank higher than many other areas of Hawaii. Pearlridge and Webling in particular score well every year.

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