Diamond Head Real Estate

Located just a few miles from downtown Honolulu, the Diamond Head real estate market is the first high-end community east of town. With beautiful luxury houses and condos, Diamond Head is home to Oahu's CEO's and captains of industry. Within the Diamond Head area is Kahala, which is the pinnacle of East Oahu real estate.

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Diamond Head Homes

Diamond Head real estateReal estate buyers have many fantastic Diamond Head homes to choose from. Custom-built oceanfront and ocean view estates in Kahala can command as much as $15 million, with the elegance and luxury that's only available in Diamond Head. Along this strip of coast are the best and the biggest; the rich, and the famous.

At the same time, there are plenty of regular-sized homes, condominiums, and small apartments that are grouped together along the inner areas of these two towns. The properties all seem to kind of blend together as you're driving along.

Though upscale and expensive, Diamond Head and Kahala are surprisingly quaint and welcoming communities, with an appeal that says 'Hawaii' in many ways. Diamond Head homes, though large and impressive, don't have the overwhelming feeling of opulence that some of California's most high-end neighborhoods like Bel Aire and Westlake Village have. With all its grandness, Diamond Head has managed to stay a true neighborhood, though your neighbors might be more influential than in other areas of the island.

Homes begin around $1.5 million for a small property, while Diamond Head condos begin very low for leasehold, and around $1 million for fee simple. Oceanfront condos on "the gold coast" can range from $1 million all the way up to $5 million, while Kahala real estate begins around $3 million.

Most Diamond Head and Kahala homes were custom-built, with many of them now ready for remodeling. A large number of homeowners in the area have already started the revitalization process, with construction happening nearly on every street.

The oceanfront properties in Diamond Head are truly world classwith views to the horizon and custom homes to satisfy any taste. The boom of the 90's created several mini mansions in Kahala, and the most recent boom has created even more custom oceanfront estates with the most opulent features. I recently visited an oceanfront home with 4 refrigerators, 4 dish washers, 2 sets of laundry machines, 2 master suites, and the list goes on. For a mere $9.5 million, you can have just about anything you want in a home!


Diamond Head Amenities & Sights

If there is one landmark that everyone associates with Oahu, it's probably Diamond Head. No, there aren't any diamonds in it, but there is quartzite, which looked like diamonds to people visiting the island hundreds of years ago.

A few good schools call this part of Honolulu home, as does the Kahala Mall. This shopping center is about 1/10 the size of Ala Moana Mall, but is much closer for the residents of East Oahu.

I recommend driving Diamond Head road at least once, to see what a beautiful place it is, and to stop at one of the lookouts over the surf. A lot of beginners surf down below at Diamond Head, as the waves are a little mushy and slow. In the summer, the surf can reach about 5-7 feet on a big day, but it's usually a real slow ride.

In the winter, there is great diving in Kahala, with plenty of reef and fish. Kahala has some of the best coastline in the world, but unfortunately, you can't see most of it because there are huge gated homes taking up the view. But for $5 million, you would expect a little privacy too, right?


A beautiful little public beach is located just off Kahala Ave., and shares the same feel of any simple Oahu beachexcept for the gorgeous mansions across the street. While most beaches in Diamond Head are rocky instead sandy, there are a few little spots to rest your toes on the soft sand.

Golf Homes

Oahu's best private golf course, Waialae Country Club, is located in Kahala, and hosts the Hawaiian Open every year. It's an exclusive golf club that costs about $40k to join, and another $5000/yr in membership fees. For the golf enthusiast and the super rich, it's the place to be.

The Waialae Country Club also features golf course real estate that is the best on the island. Some of the homes along the fairways also have an ocean view, making them the best of both worlds on Oahu.


The beautiful Kapiolani Park is one Diamond Head's best features. Its vast size and lush trees make it a great place to spend the day with friends and family. Even though it's just one block from Waikiki, it feels like a different world. Kapiolani Park is peaceful, quiet, and truly enjoyed by the area's residents. There are frequent events in the park, including concerts, craft fairs, and even NFL pro bowl events. Best of all is the opportunity to have a quiet picnic with friends, play a game of volleyball, or head across the street for a surf at Old Man's, Tongs, or Castles.


The Diamond Head Market has great lunches, but there are several small restaurants in the area as well. My family enjoys Mi Casa, which has nice Mexican food and an outdoor feel. The Kahala Mall also has several restaurants and stores, so you rarely need to make a trip to Ala Moana or Pearlridge Mall in town.

Diamond Head Weather

The weather in Diamond Head and Kahala is ideal year-round, with a nice cool breeze and moderate temperatures. It doesn't rain nearly as much in Diamond Head and Kahala as it does on the Windward side in Kailua or Kaneohe, and the winds are not as strong. Diamond Head is ideal for home buyers looking to live somewhere dryer than the Windward side of Oahu, and cooler than the west side of the island.

I could mention several other amenities in Diamond Head and Kahala, but the best reason to live in this wonderful area is its proximity to town (Honolulu). The longer you live in Oahu, the more you will appreciate being able to get in and out of town quickly.

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