North Shore Oahu Real Estate

The North Shore Oahu real estate market includes the following communities: Haleiwa, Sunset, Pupukea, Waialua, Laie, Malaikahana, Mokuleia, and Waimea. Life on the North Shore is a little bit like life on Maui, Kauai or the Big Island, because of its remoteness from the big city. The famous Pipeline, Sunset Beach, and Waimea Bay bring giant waves in the winter, and about a million tourists with them.

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North Shore Hawaii Homes

The North Shore of Oahu is known for big waves and multi-million dollar houses. Locals refer to the area as "country"—as in—"I'm going up country" or "the waves in country are huge!"

If you're considering looking at North Shore Hawaii homes, you probably won't want to commute to Town, because it takes about 40 minutes to get to Honolulu with no traffic. That said, if you can afford to buy a second home on the North Shore, you're one of the luckiest people on earth. Hawaii's North Shore has a beauty and tranquility that is second to none. The only problem is that a 2-lane road runs all the way through the country. This means that when there are big waves, you can expect tons of traffic. Living on the North Shore is a dream for many because the area is scenic and very quiet most of the year until the big wave season.

In the North Shore area, there isn't a lot to do except surf and enjoy the ocean or country. There are no malls, only a few small stores, and basically no culture other than the surf culture.  The country part of Oahu is great for surfers, residents with local jobs, vacationers, and people who just want to live a quiet peaceful life centered on the beautiful beaches.

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