Waikiki Condos: Island Life Meets Big City Life

The Waikiki real estate market is an urban jungle of high rise condos and hotels, with about a million tourists visiting the sliver of beach that runs the length of the city. Within Waikiki there are over 1000 stores and restaurants, and more than 10,000 hotel rooms.

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Waikiki Real Estate

There is nothing in the world like Waikiki, and those who love it really love it. There are an incredible number of different condo properties here, even though it's only a couple square miles in size. Waikiki is a very densely packed area with hardly any open space. There are more than a hundred high rise buildings in this small area.

Waikiki condos are a market of their own. With probably the highest non-owner occupancy rate in all of Hawaii, condos in Waikiki trade like a commodity. You can get everything from a leasehold 1-room studio with a view overlooking a parking lot for about $150,000, to a multi-million dollar penthouse with views of the entire coast. Real estate this diverse may even be located in adjacent buildings.

The draw of Waikiki condominiums is that they offer residents a combination of island life and the convenience of big city living. Within a 2-minute walk of a person's home in Waikiki, there may be world class surfing and three or four Starbucks.

A lot of people who want to buy a vacation home in Honolulu will look for a small condo in Waikiki. You can rent Waikiki condos out all year long, because of the huge number of tourists that visit the area. Summer is the high season, but there are people on the beaches year round, which means that Waikiki condo rentals are usually very good investments.

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Waikiki Condominiums - My Recommendations for Buyers

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Waikiki Living

If you live in Waikiki, you're in the center of all the action, with late night activities to suit any taste. Some call the area "Vegas on the beach," as there are major hotels set right on the sand along with high end stores just steps away. Here you can shop for anythingfrom Gucci, Prada, YSL, Armani, to Nike, Hawaiian Island Creations, and about 50 ABC stores. Never been in an ABC store? It's like a convenience/tourist/whatever junk they can sell store. You can get anything you need as a tourist, and they are located on virtually every corner. It's common to see a corner in town with 3 ABC stores!

The east end of Waikiki is a beautiful tree-lined area near Kapiolani Park, leading up to Diamond Head Crater. This area is referred to as the "Gold Coast." Multi million dollar oceanfront homes line the coast, and can make you wonder where all these people got their money.

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Waikiki Condos for Sale