Kapolei Real Estate

Kapolei real estate is perfect for buyers who are looking for a well-planned community with a suburban feel, plenty of shopping, and a gorgeous beach area. Kapolei is located on the southwest corner of the island, and is being developed as the second major urban center of Oahu.

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Kapolei Homes

With newly constructed condos and houses throughout the community, Kapolei is quickly becoming a favorite place among Oahu locals and mainland transplants.

Kapolei homes are available on the high-end, with luxury properties selling for about $900,000. There are also many affordable homes in Kapolei, where you can find a nice 3 or 4 bedroom house that's around 1600 sq. ft. and was built after 1995 for only around $550k. Try that anywhere else on Oahu!

Is Kapolei a nice place to live in? Well, Pacific Business News reported that Zip Code 96707 had the second highest income on Oahu, with a median income of $62,303. And nearly 1 household in 5 has income exceeding $100,000. As for buying property in Kapolei, how about this: Kapolei has a home ownership rate of 70%, which is way higher than the rest of Oahu and is a great sign for real estate investors!

The Development of Kapolei

Oahu's growth is primarily happening in the Ewa Plain area and in Kapolei, which means that buying in Kapolei may be a great long term investment. While most of Oahu consists of buildings the were built in the 1960's and 70's, Kapolei was almost entirely constructed after 1985, and continues to grow to this day. In fact, in 2007 the city and county of Honolulu began constructing a new courthouse in Kapolei, which will greatly change the economy and industry of the city, not to mention the traffic flow.

Recently some major new road construction has begun in Kapolei, including a much needed additional freeway on-ramp. The state and city governments and some of Hawaii's largest companies have set up major operations in Kapolei, and more construction is on the way. There are several mainland companies that are planning to build in Kapolei as well, and Oahu's first Target store just opened in Kapolei in March 2009.

Amenities in Kapolei, Hawaii

While it is an unincorporated community of Honolulu, and not actually a city, Kapolei has everything that you might expect from a city. Medical facilities, schools, shopping, libraries, and plenty of homes are all available in Kapolei. In addition, one of the best beaches to unwind at is located in Kapolei, at the Ko Olina Resort. The calm waters there are perfect for wading around.

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