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In the center of Oahu is the Mililani real estate market. This is a great community that is divided into two partsMililani Mauka and Mililani Townby Interstate H-2. There are a few thousand homes settled in this beautifully lush part of Oahu, where the weather is almost perfect every day. It's cooler in the summer than the Ewa Plain, and the frequent evening rains keep the landscape very green.  It's kind of like Seattle in Hawaii, in that it's often overcast and cool.  You will love it.

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Mililani Homes

Mililani Town is the older side of the city, with houses dating back to the 70's. "Older" means smaller and sometimes in need of renovation, especially in Hawaii. The town side of Mililani has a great charm about it, with mature tree-lined streets and an older Hawaiian feel that is familiar to those who have lived on Oahu for many years. Some of the neighborhoods have been very well maintained, which is reflected in the prices. We love the Town side of Mililani because it has such great character.

You get more for your money in the town side of Mililani than on the Mauka side ("Mauka" means mountain in Hawaiian), though there are definitely some neighborhoods to avoid. This is because some people haven't kept their homes in very good condition. It's just a pride of ownership issue, and I'll be happy to guide you to the best Mililani homes available.

Mililani Mauka Homes & Condos

Mililani real estateThe Mauka half of Mililani is the newer side, with construction that began in the 90's and is still going on. Mililani Mauka homes are lovely and ideal for people from the mainland who have lived in nicely manicured suburbs with large, well-kept homes.

Prices in the Mililani Mauka real estate market start around $400k for a small condo, and at about $750k for a small house. Upper end homes in Mililani Mauka can be over a million dollars, and usually have 3500sqft or more of living space. The average price for a nice Mauka home is between $800k.

Mililani Mauka Amenities & Schools

For some reason "amenities" has recently come to mean "it has a Costco." While Mililani does in fact have a Costco, it has a lot more than that too. Wal-Mart, City Mill (hardware), Starbucks, Borders, Longs, and dozens of other retailers are available at the Mililani Shopping Center. Along with the wide variety of shopping in the area, there is also a lovely community center with a pool, and a well-appointed medical center in Mililani Mauka.

Mililani is also home to excellent schools. In fact, Mililani schools are famous in Hawaii for being top rated in all areas. Each year the test scores and parent reviews validate the reputation that Mililani has for producing top quality students. Mililani Mauka Elementary and Mililani Ike Elementary both rank in the top tier of school reviews done by Honolulu Magazine.

People like Mililani because the properties on the Mauka side are newer, the shopping is organized, the streets are clean, and the community feels like a neighborhood more than a big city. The homes in Mililani feel modern but still maintain some Hawaii feel. Moreover, the master planning done by developers of this community makes it very easy for residents to get from one place to another.

Mililani Weather

The weather in Mililani is wonderful. There's a pleasantly cool breeze all year long and a light rain almost every night, which keeps the mountains and trees very green. It's usually about 5-10 degrees cooler in Mililani than in Ewa and Kapolei, which makes for nice outdoor living.

Since Mililani is right on H-2, it's easy to get there from anywhere on the island, even the windward side. You can take H-3 down to H-1 and go just a few miles up H-2 to get to Mililani.


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