Moving your stuff to Hawaii

You have 2 or 3 couches, a refrigerator, 1000 books, clothes, cars, desks, lamps, dogs, etc. etc. How do you get all that stuff to Hawaii? First of all, you should know that people do it every day, literally every day. You pay about $10k for a 3 bedroom house full of furniture, including 2 cars, if you're coming from California to Honolulu's port. I recommend for moving cars at about $995 each.

Hire a mover that will come to your house, pack all your stuff into a giant truck, and put it on a boat that will take about 3 weeks to get to Honolulu's port. Not only should they put it in the truck, they will wrap it with a very strong plastic wrap that keeps everything from getting salt water all over it, and only after wrapping with it industrial strength padding. They should wrap the biggest and smallest things with incredible care, and you just might get everything over to Hawaii without any damage.

The most expensive part is the wrapping and boxing, so make sure that before they arrive at your home you have boxed everything as much as possible, including big things. Try to pad everything and tell them you don't need them to pad the obviously sturdy items too much.

It will cost about $1000 to wrap all your stuff in padding and plastic wrap. It might be worth it if you consider what it would cost to replace 1 piece of furniture.

Make sure you call early and schedule your move weeks in advance. Make sure they come at least 1 full day before your flight. You don't want to be rushing to the airport as they are leaving your house. The packing will take many many hours, probably ALL DAY.

If you have questions, email me I will be glad to answer any questions you have. It's my job!