Yesterday I showed a few clients 17 homes around Kailua, Kaneohe, Mililani, and Makakilo.  I drove a total of 180 miles from my home in Aina Haina, a small neighborhood in the Diamond Head region.

After viewing all these homes I can say for sure that prices have dropped substantially, but inventory is very low for anything really good.  Any home priced right and in good condition will sell in just a couple weeks.  I say that because I was actually planning to view 20 homes, but 3 of them sold before Saturday.

Plus, 2 of the homes I showed yesterday already had offers on the .  One of them had 2 offers.  The price range? All between $650k and $1million.  Inventory overall is very low, and for a nice condition home, extremely low.

I left my house at 8.45am and got home at 7pm, tired but very satisfied from a good day's work. I love my job.