Waikiki beach is getting much needed sand.  I was down there this past weekend with my church and there are some areas where there is very little sand at all. Tourists come to Hawaii to sit on the white sand, not on rocks, not in chairs.
waikiki condos and beach
State officials plan to spend $2.5million to restore a portion of sand on Waikiki Beach by taking it from nearby shoals, widening the 1,700-foot-long beach by about 37 feet between the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Kuhio Beach.

The state Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands has completed its environmental assessment and plans to apply for government permits. The project is scheduled to start in January or February and would widen the beach back to its 1985 width.  The sand would be pumped to a dewatering site in an enclosed basin
within the eastern Kuhio Beach crib walls and then spread to the rest of
the beach.

One of the areas where the sand removal is planned is between surfing areas known as Queen's and Canoes,  which  will help to restore a channel that has been covered with sand from the beaches.

The $2.5 million for the project includes $1.5 million from the state and $500,000 from Kyo-ya Hawaii, owner of several nearby hotels. That might sound like a lot, but the sand is what people come to Hawaii for.  No sand = less tourists. 

For once this is a government spending plan I can support.