There are a lot of angry people on Oahu, but none of them work for Castle & Cooke Homes. The Advertiser reported today that C&C won state approval for the new Koa Ridge community between Mililani and Waipio.  Right now that is all agricultural land. 

The State Land Use Commission approved the project with 3,500 homes, a hotel, medical campus and commercial space by reclassifying 576 acres from agricultural to urban use.  The first homes could be built around the end of 2012. 

There are already people voicing their anger about it in the comments to the article that announced it.  There is a very broad feeling on Oahu that the island is already over crowded, shown especially in the freeway traffic on H1 going West in the afternoons. 

This new project will make traffic worse, but more importantly, will permanently remove a large area of agricultural land.  50 years ago, Oahu was thriving with ag, but now there are far fewer working farms left. And Schuller homes wants to destroy some more ag land in Kapolei.

Will it ever end? Will it ever be enough? Does Oahu's population need to be capped at some point before we run out of land and water completely?