I saw an article in the Star regarding the drop in number of Hawaii Realtors in 2009. The article highlights the total number of Hawaii real estate agents that haven't renewed their licenses this year, but that's not what I love about it.

Sure, "the Hawaii Real Estate Commission saw a 21 percent decline in license renewals this year," but that's no big deal.

The part I love is this - "Of all Honolulu board Realtors, 44 percent made no sales, and  18 percent made only one sale last year. "

That is amazing. I guess these are part timers or people who just have their Hawaii real estate license just in case. But I can't imagine trusting a part timer with the most important financial decision of your life - your home sale.  So about 64% of the Realtors on this island did 1 transaction or less last year. 

If you're going to buy or sell a house in Hawaii, don't take the rist of working with an amateur. At least find out how much business the agent you're working with has done.  Work with a full time agent that has closed at least a hundred escrows or so.