As I mentioned on Geek Estate Blog, I've decided to do a case study to determine the effects of having a spiderable IDX on my site. Since my site doesn't have a lot of authority just yet, I've asked Morgan Carey of Real Estate Webmasters to show me data from other clients' sites (with their permission), so I could see how sites with high authority do with their spiderable IDX.

I had Analytics installed at the same time as my spiderable IDX, so unfortunately, I can't show you a before/after with mine. I have however, been given permission by Nashville Real Estate Agent, Gary Ashton to show his before & after results. Gary's got a high authority, high ranking site, that's been around for about 4 years. However, he only had spiderable IDX added to his site in January of this year. Looking at the number of pageviews of his site over the past year, you'll see a pretty amazing spike once the spiderable IDX is installed, replacing his iframed solution:

My own pageview results so far can be seen below:

My pageviews aren't as awesome as Gary's--yet 

Traffic-wise, if we compare Gary's number from Jan-Feb 2010, with Nov-Dec 2009, you'll see that all the numbers are up significantly since getting a spiderable IDX:

Gary's total visits are up 45%, the number of pages viewed per visit are up by a whopping 277%, the average time on the site has more than doubled, and the bounce rate has dropped by 36%. These are the stats of my future : )

Here is my own traffic so far (from June through Jan):

Traffic's steadily increasing, as my site gains more pagerank. Also, my IDX listings are the second most viewed page (after the home page), so I know that users appreciate the feature.

In terms of rankings, Gary's doing very well, blasting large sites like Trulia and Zillow, to attain the #1 position for the highly competitive terms, "nashville real estate" and "nashville mls listings":

Here is another REW client, Greg Eckler, who was willing to share info and ranks top 5 for "denver real estate" and "denver mls listings" even after his board made him completely switch domains:


Yes that reads 733 THOUSAND pageviews for just a years worth of stats - simply amazing!

In terms of leads, Gary's numbers are pretty astounding. Prior to replacing his iframed listings with IDX, he averaged about 120 new leads each month (plus returning leads).

Before IDX:

After IDX:

That's TEN TIMES the number of new leads since getting an IDX.

The bottom line for me is that spiderable IDX works.