CNBC gave Honolulu some nice publicity:

"While Hawaii in general has a unique air concern known as VOG (volcanic smog) that can affect health, Honolulu regularly makes lists of greenest and cleanest cities, and Sustain Lane ranked it the best city for air quality."

Actually what they don't realize (probably) is that VOG is a problem mostly in Kona, on the Big Island, not in Honolulu.  The only time Honolulu has any VOG is when there is a South wind, which is only a few days a year, once in a while.

"Honolulu's water is filtered through volcanic rock and is known to be free of the chlorine taste of other cities' supplies. The nonprofit Environmental Working Group, based in Washington, D.C., rated the Honolulu Board of Water Supply No. 6 among big American cities for the following criteria:

    * Total number of chemicals detected since 2004
    * Percentage of chemicals found of those tested
    * Highest average level for each pollutant"

Pretty Cool!