The Disney resort is expected to open in 2011 and provide 1,000 jobs.  There are no plans for a theme park, too bad.  Ko Olina master developer Jeff Stone said, "it's a dream come true."

It will actually increase public access to the beaches at Ko Olina becayse this development will add parking.  There is hardly any parking at all over there.  This development should help in the larger plan of nurturing Kapolei as a secondary urban center, helping to create the true "second city."

Whenever new jobs come to Oahu, and national attention is brought to our island by a big name like Disney, it's sure to help the real estate market in Oahu. Particularly, in this case, the market in Ko Olina and Kapolei. With Kapolei so close and hundreds of properties at Ko Olina, thie new resort can only help the cause.

As a side benifit, the new jobs will mean more people driving to Ko Olina, and less people driving to town. That should help with the traffic from the west side into town.

This is really a great thing for Oahu real estate.