emily0622_324The President announced this week that 10,000 troops will return home from Afghanistan by the end of this year,
and another 23,000 by the end of next summer, a drawdown of the
30,000-troop surge he ordered to fight there in 2009.  

So 30,000 troops will return home from Afghanistan by next year, and that means that thousands of those soldiers from Schofield Army Barracks, Pearl/Hickam, and Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base will be returning to Hawaii.  And since there is already a wait list for homes on the military bases here, that means they and their families will have to rent or buy a house.  Either way, it's good for Oahu real estate. 

There is already a shortage of homes for sale on Oahu, and if even 200 more military families buy a house (like this one from Ewa) next year as a result of the drawdown, it will have a huge impact on prices, particularly in Ewa Beach, Kapolei, Royal Kunia, Makakilo, and Mililani.  hr2904003-1_400 

Whether you agree with the policy or not, the drawdown will be good for Oahu real estate, unless of course they get shipped off to some other new war.  But that seems unlikely in an election year. 

On an island with only about 900,000 people, the addition of a few thousand families is a huge economic impact.