I just saw this article in the Star Bulletin, and WOW I am impressed.  This is written by the director of the Hawaii Tax Department, and it is awesome! Some excerpts:

proposed tax hike is one of the largest in state history. Raising the
GET from 4 percent to 5 percent would significantly impede Hawaii's
economic recovery because of the GET's broad reach. In a nutshell, this
proposed tax increase would remove roughly $500 million from Hawaii's
economy every year. As the saying goes, the GET taxes "anything that
moves" — including rent, food, clothing, gas, nonprescription medicine
and doctor visits"

"The poor, who have
the least ability to pay the tax on ordinary daily transactions and
have to spend nearly all of their funds to survive, would be hit
hardest. All businesses in Hawaii also would feel the impact as they
purchase goods, services and rent. Sales would slow, consumers will pay
more and jobs will be lost."

the past year, the Lingle-Aiona administration has been working
vigorously to spur Hawaii's economic recovery. But with a 25 percent
state GET tax increase, Hawaii's hope of rounding the corner in the
near future will be stalled."

Right on KURT!  You rock! You get it!