Living on the water in Hawaii
I've said before that Hawaii Kai is the only place in Oahu that you can live on the water and have a boat, which is true, sort of. There is Enchanted Lake in Kailua, where you can have a non motorized boat. kailua enchanted lake

Last week I showed a buyer several properties in Kailua, and one of them was this house for exactly $1million on the lake. For a million dollars you get a pretty good size houe in Kailua if it's not on the beach or on the lake, but this house even has a nice pool where you can sit and view the lake. While you can't waterski or jetski on Enchanted lake, you can get a nice water view and throw a fishing line out and catch some fish that you would never want to eat.

The water is a bit brown compared to the aqua green Hawaii Kai Marina, but it's still access to the ocean with a kayak, not that you would want to paddle that far. But if you want to live in Kailua and you want to live on the water, this house and others like it, are a great alternative to Hawaii Kai.