Even though Oahu is a small island of only about 40 miles across, it can be really hard to decide where to live if you haven't lived here before. Well let me make a case for Waikele.

If you've only heard of it once or twice, then you've probably heard of it in the context of the Waikele outlet mall. It's a nice little (very little) outlet mall with some nice stores like Calvin Klein and Coach. But that's not what Waikele is all about.

Where is Waikele? It's easy to miss because there really isn't much you can see from the freeway, and there isn't anything to see other than houses and a few simple shopping centers. Waikele has great newer homes that are priced much lower than East Oahu, but without the traffic of the West side of Oahu. In fact Waikele is right about in the middle of H1, which means the middle south part of Oahu. It's 20 minutes to Mililani and 20 minutes to Down town Honolulu (without traffic.)

With great golf in the community, alot of the homes have some kind of golf course view. Waikele is a master planned project, which means the streets all make sense and look orderly, with homes on nice even sized lots. A lot of older Oahu is sort of a mish mash of homes on random sized lots with random construction. Waikele offers that nicer manicured look.

If you have to commute around the island to multiple areas, Waikele can be a great option because you can get anywhere on the island within about 30 minutes (except Hauula and Punaluu. It takes an hour to get there no matter where you are.)

I like the Lowes nearby, Home Depot only an exit away, and the nice variety of homes and condos. Waikele is harder to find in the MLS and in home searches, because technically it's in the city of Waipahu, which for the most part is kind of run down.

If you want to search Waikele, the way to do it is to search for homes built since about 1980 in Waipahu. That will give you mostly homes in Waikele, because Waipahu homes are older.

Don't forget Waikele. Great homes, great shopping, centrally located in Oahu, and good prices for homes.