waikiki hawaiiLast night we watched the premier of Hawaii 5-0, hoping above anything else that it would portray the beauty of living in Hawaii.  Within a few minutes the show featured aeriel shots of Diamond Head, Makaha, Black Point, Waikiki, and the North Shore.

At one point, there was a helicopter fly by right over my house, and we realized that the house mainly used on the show is just across the road from us. 

While we laughed at the fact that "Pipeline" was actually Waimea bay, and also that at one point a car was shown as driving with the ocean on the wrong side of the car (on the right side going North in Waianae), we were glad that the show featured many great shots of the island in all its beauty. 

I'm sure that sometime this winter when the snow is falling in Ohio and New York, somebody is going to be watching Hawaii 5-0 and realize it's 75 and sunny in Hawaii.  That person is going to finally realize that they could be living in perfect weather all year, never seeing another snow shovel for the rest of their lives.  If that person has some money (the median price on Oahu about $600k dollars) they'll be buying some nice Oahu real estate. 

 While the show is a little racey for my very conservative Christian values, I'm glad that millions around the world will have Hawaii on their minds once a week.  Even if only a few of them move here, it's good for our economy.

(By the way, my wife will be on next week's show, a scene in an elevator in which she plays a tourist mom.)