The Harris poll released their latest results and found that Hawaii is the 2nd most desired State to live in.

From their site: "Notwithstanding its economic and political problems, more Americans would like to live in California than in any other state. For the seventh time in a row since 2002 California tops the list of states where the most people would like to live if they did not live in their own states. The next most popular states are Hawaii, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, New York and Washington."

Well, since California will be bankrupt soon, and overrun by illegal immigrants within a few years, I think it's safe to say that Hawaii is probably the place that most Americans would like to live. Not surprisingly, people over 46 chose Hawaii as #1 instead failing California.

The good news is, homes in Hawaii are cheaper than areas of California like Orange County, LA, San Fernando Valley, San Diego, the Bay Area, Santa Barabara, etc. And since Hawaii property taxes are about 1/8 of CA taxes, it's actually a lot cheaper to live here than you might think.

So what are you waiting for? It's a free country, anyone can live in Hawaii!