hawaii kai boat paradeThis year's Hawaii Kai Christmas Boat Parade was the best one yet.   The Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association held  the parade Saturday, and it was a great event for the whole family.  I took my family of 5 and found a nice secret spot along with about 50 other people. ;)

There were about 30 boats this year, all decorated with Christmas lights and various creative themes, some with a pretty amazing  amount of preparation involved.  The judges sat in the Towne Center behind the stage as the boats came around twice to show off their decorations. 

Mike Buck, host of the “Mike Buck” show on KHVH AM 830 was the MC again this year. 



hawaii kai marina boat parada 

 This boat featured elves that danced, sang, and told some corny jokes. 



By far the highlight of the parade was the Avatar boat, complete with Tree of Souls, 2 flying dragons and a robot guy on the front. Forgive me for not using the actual names.  Everyone on board had a choreographed dance set to raggae music.  This thing must have taken months to create.  It was amazing.  The only thing is, what the heck does Avatar have to do with Christmas???  


hawaii kai boat parade avatar boat 

The boat parade will be a tradition for our family, and it's just one more reason to choose to live in Hawaii Kai.