Recently it seems that there have been new farmer's markets popping up around Oahu every few months. Just a couple years ago, the only one I knew about was a small one in Hawaii Kai of just a few fruit stands. 

Kailua has one on Thursdays, Diamond Head has one at Kapiolani Comm College on Saturdays, and there is even a small one at Kalani high school now. I'm sure there are a dozen others around Oahu. 

Last week we visited the new and improved Hawaii Kai farmer's market that now meets at Kaiser high school on Saturday mornings. I was surprised to find that even though it's not huge, it has everything we wanted.  Fresh vegetables at majorly discounted prices, plenty of good fruit, made to order food from several great vendors, plus a bunch of other nice stands that had coffee, flowers, spices, dried fish, face painting for kids, and other goodies. 

 Here are some beautiful locally grown tomatoes for about $1.50 /lbs. 



And here we see some locally grown bananas. Nothing shipped in from South America is sold here. If you buy bananas at Foodland, chances are they've flown around the world first.


 And some fresh baked breads for your enjoyment - from a local bakery.  Free samples of course!


 My wife's favorite treat at any farmer's market - fresh made kettle corn! This stuff was delicious and kept my whole family occupied while we walked around. $5  for a BIG bag.  Delicious!

kettle corn 

 And the best deal on vegetables in Hawaii.  $10 for a giant box of fresh veggies!  Bok choy, choy sum, daikon, green onion, spinach, beets, raddish, and lettuce.  This box would cost you at least $25 if you bought it at Foodland, and you couldn't buy it there, because they hardly sell any locally grown stuff! 



Hawaii Kai farmer's market - definitely worth a visit!