Whatever you think your Hawaii home is worth, add 20%, because that's probably how much it will go up in the next few months.  The real estate market is absolutely on fire right now. There are not enough homes on the market, and the average house is selling in under 10 days.

In Ewa and Kapolei, the inventory is currently 0.3 months, while normally it's about 6 months of inventory available. We have seen listings receive 20+ offers, all over asking, especially under $1million. The market over $4million is a lot slower, but anything up to about $2million sells quickly.

The number of sales dropped by 0.6% only because inventory is so low! Condo sales had a 1.7% increase compared to the same period last year. The number of homes sold above asking price more than doubled from last year, while the number of condos sold above asking price increased by 63.9%

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