As an industry, the Real Estate business is archaic. Most of the old dogs are using their cell phones just to make calls, with no clue that it has other super powers.  Surprisingly, a lot of Realtors rely on paper maps instead of GPS or Google maps.

Some Realtors barely understand digital imaging, Efaxing, or wireless email, so if you tell them that you want to fax them a PDF to their cell phone so they can view, and forward it to escrow wireless, they'll probably start hemmoraging from their brain.

When I think of my work productivity, a few things stand out as amazing time savers and money makers. With my wireless email from my wireless laptop, I can be alerted within minutes of a property getting listed, no matter where I am. I can receive offers and counter offers while I'm on the road. I can receive a fax and forward it while I'm in a meeting, all from my phone.

Let's say that you need something urgently to close your escrow. A form was forgotten by the signer, or something needs to be ammended at the last minute. Can you low tech, I-don't-use-wireless-email Realtor get what is needed within seconds?

What if you get a counter offer with a very short time frame to respond, and your Realtor is out of the office? With my high tech lifestyle, I can get everything done from just about anywhere.

When it comes to Real Estate, you want a high tech Realtor on your side. I'm a geek.I admit it.