The Rail system in Honolulu is a massive financial black whole even before it has begun.  With a budget already falling so short that government employees are forced to take furloughs, and with tax revenues down and falling even more, the City and County. and the State cannot afford this $5billion project. As a member of the Honolulu Board and the Hawaii Association of Realtors, I think it's time these two associations take a stand against the Rail project, before more tax dollars are wasted and more debt is ammassed. Already the City (read: Mayor Mufi) has used our tax dollars to advertise on the radio and TV, attempting to turn public opinion in favor of this project.  Already money has been spent on planning, researching, etc. It’s time to stop. Last fall, with a vote of just 51%, the measure passed the public vote, but that was before last year's economic collapse, and before most people realized that the Rail project would be so grossly under funded before it ever broke ground. Now is the time to fight this project before our City is plunged into debt that it will never repay.  There are dozens of reasons to stop the rail project, but the only one that should matter now is the money simply isn't there. Mayor Mufi promised that this project would be fully funded, and now he cannot fulfill that promise as tax revenues have fallen faster than anyone expected. 

Honolulu Board and Hawaii Association of Realtors - Your members do NOT support Rail, so neither should you!