How many people are actually going to ride the Rail?  The City of Honolulu says that 97,000 people are going to ride it, and that is a pure lie.  Even in Houston Tx, where the population is  5 times higher, and the traffic far worse, only 38,000 people ride the rail system.

Will Honolulu succeed in getting approximately 6 times higher percentage of rail riders?  Hmmmm.. Take a look at this chart created by Panos Prevedouros, civil engineering professor at UH, and candidate for Honolulu Mayor (hopefully).  

The numbers are absolutely clear - the number of estimated riders of the Oahu Rail system is a total fabrication by the current Honolulu City administration. The city should cancel this underfunded, over hyped project which is not going to cut traffic at all.  old_lr2101fiction_960.