$5 BILLION.  That's $4300 per person in the State of Hawaii to have a Rail System in Honolulu, compared to Phoenix's $180 per person system.  There is no question that we must stop rail now.  Go visit the Stop Rail Now site and see what you can do to participate.

There is also a great post over at Fix Oahu Blog, where Panos says, " The fact is that the project will cost much more because utility relocations, stoppages for iwi (ancient burial grounds) and delays from lawsuits are not included in the costs. Not enough taxes are being collected due to the prolonged slow economy, so property taxes will have to be raised to cover the escalating costs." 

The bottom line is that the cost of Rail has already gotten way out of hand while about half of the people in state don't want it, and more than half will never ride it.  The people who stand to gain the most are the companies that build and maintain the rail system. The people who will pay the most are those of us who will never even get to use it - those who pay the most taxes.
This Rail project should be killed before Oahu's economy is killed by it.