Cost is relative. If you live in Haiti, a hamburger for $3 is expensive. If you live in North Dakota, a house for $200k is expensive. There are places around the country that are just as expensive or more expensive than Hawaii.

In Alamo California, the median home price is $1,499,795. Now that seems really high for a median price. Oahu median home prices are just $600k right now. Whoa! That's cheap :)

In Franklin Lakes NJ, the median home price is $1,337,877.
Here is one I was surprised by: Lake Forest IL has a median home price of $1,186,521. What? It's more expensive to live in IL than in Oahu? Now that just doesn't make any sense at all.

Then there is some place with the goofy name Wolf Trap VA with a Median home price of $894,122.

There are several cities in Connecticut with over a million dollars median home price. In Darien, Conn, the median price is $1,464,129. Now maybe you expected some east coast and west coast areas to have sky high prices, but you would expect Arizona? There is some city in AZ called Paradise Valley with a Median home price of $2,075,930. WHAT?

It costs about 3 times as much to live in AZ than it does to live in Hawaii? What are all these people thinking living there? They should move to Oahu!

And usually when I think of Texas, I think of gigantic houses on 10 acres for about $100k. But in a place called Highland Park, the Median home price is $1,603,608. Hello? ?

The most expensive has to be CA. A Silicone valley suburb called Los Altos hills, where the Median home price is $2,371,601. And Hillsborough, CA has the highest at a Median home price of $2,606,764. They don't even allow condos and townhouses at all. None. Just gigantic houses.

So the next time you want to complain that the prices of homes in Oahu are too high, just be glad you don't live in one of the communities above. It could be way worse. Besides, you get to live in Hawaii!