I'm tired of my buyers missing out on houses they want to buy.  I'm tired of being outbid, being the 4th offer in, being the one that missed out.  

I have decided as of today, I am no longer going to be the no-pressure-buyer's agent.

From today on, if a buyer tells me they want to buy a house, I will say it up front - You need to move fast, maybe offer above asking, and do it TODAY. You need to stop delaying, stop making excuses, stop living in fear, and ACT NOW! 

  • Last week a client of mine missed out on a beautiful water front house for $1.3 million. It sold that night, all cash, full price.
  • 3 weeks ago a client of mine missed out on a bank owned property for $575k. She hesitated, wanted to offer below asking price (against my advice,) and the house sold for full price 3 days after we viewed it. She cried.
  • This morning I found out that a house for $460k in Ocean Pointe received multiple offers above asking and sold 2 days after it came on the market.  My clients were hesitating. 
  • Last month a buyer of mine waited a few days before viewing the marina front Kuapa Isle Townhouse he had been waiting for.  Nothing had been on the market for months, and the unit sold in 3 days, full price.  

I could go on and on. Every listing I have had this year has received multiple offers.  Every buyer I have worked with has missed out on multiple listings.

That's it buyers. The warning is out there.  You will act now, write an offer, probably full price, or you will miss out and you will be looking for another house. It's that simple. 

(Note - In 2003 I was one of the few real estate agents telling everyone to get out of real estate)