Homes on Oahu sell for higher at this time of year than any other, which means now may be the ideal time to sell your home. If you’ve wanted to list your property but had trouble deciding when, here is some valuable information to consider. 

Median home prices on Oahu have peaked in Nov/Dec in 3 of the last 4 years. Since the typical escrow period here is 45 days, the sales figures recorded in Nov/Dec reflect offers that were accepted in Sept/Oct. Historically, offers made in Sept/Oct are higher than the rest of the year. Check out the trends in the chart, below.

Oahu Median Home Prices By Season


Summer Peak

Post-Summer Dip

Winter Peak


$710K (Jul)




$700K (Jun)

$650K (Aug)

$719K (Nov)*


$677K (Jun)

$647K (Jul)

$685K (Dec)*


$664K (May)*

$609K (Aug)

$640K (Dec)


$595K (May)

$558K (Aug)

$605K (Dec)*

*Year's Highest Median 

What’s behind the spike in median price during the winter? While there are many factors, one trend that seems to be consistent is the decrease in inventory between August and September. Fewer homes were on the market in September than August every year for the last four years. Simple economics says a decrease in inventory paired with steady (or increasing) demand will result in higher prices. 

Wouldn't you rather sell your home with less competition?

Currently, homes for sale on Oahu stay on the market for an average of 20 days before an accepted offer. Add a 45-day escrow period to your calendar, and you may be able to go from listing to closing in 65 days, give or take a week or two. To sum it up: if you decide to sell your home today, your sale could line up perfectly with that winter swell.