Many of my friends and readers all over mainland America and the world are starting to experience the cold of Winter. I just saw a few people on Facebook post something about snow on the ground, cold noses, and cold houses. hawaii-beach_550

I like to remind people, while their hands and feet are freezing and their cars are warming up in the snow, that


Today in Honolulu Hawaii, it's 85 degrees, sunny and breezy.  I'm typing this post in shorts and a T-shirt, and it's a beautiful day outside.  People are at the beach, and my wife is hiking Makapuu lighthouse with friends. 

In contrast, in Colorado Springs Co, it's 49 degrees.  In Columbus Ohio it's 35 degrees and snowing. Bozeman Montana is 32 and snowing. 

And that's why Hawaii real estate is the best and most expensive!