The end of May means schools get out, vacations start, and people start buying houses in Hawaii. It's
probably the same in every state, but particularly in Hawaii, summer means the beginning of the tourist season and also the high season for home buyers and sellers.

Each May and June hundreds of homes are listed as people are hoping to make their move or pocket their profits while most of the buyers are out and about. Sometimes tourists visiting Hawaii will buy something if they've been here a lot and they plan to be here more, but usually it's just local Hawaiian people moving around and job transfers from the mainland.

One other factor is that the military makes a big shift in personel in the summer. Hundreds of military families will come from all over the world to Hawaii and buy a little piece of real estate in paradise.

It's time now to make your move. If you're planning to sell a home in Hawaii, do it now! Every year it starts to pick up in the end of June until about the end of September.  Time to sell!