The Kawaguchi Group is excited to announce that we have joined eXp Realty Luxury Collection in Hawaii. 


Since our previous broker became a Realogy company, we decided to avoid paying expensive franchise fees and commission splits for an office that we never used.  


With 20 years in the business and 7 Top 100 awards, we had generous offers from a dozen brokers. 

So why did we join eXp?  

1.  100% commission after paying a company cap of $16k at an 80/20 split.  For the average agent with about $3mil per year in closings, that saves about $10,000 per year in their commission split. What would you do with $10,000 extra per year?  


2.  Stock Awards:  eXp agents can invest 5% of commissions to purchase company stock (EXPI) at a 10% discount.  


3.  Revenue Share:  eXp agents receive about 3% of the company’s income before profits, for any agent you attract to the company! This creates a monthly passive income for you, as long as that agent is with eXp.  Many eXp agents are earning over $10k per month in revenue share. 


4.  Brick and mortar is dying, and cloud based business is NOW.  No more desk fees and empty offices.  The virtual office at eXp is like no other broker in the world, with dozens of free live classes offered weekly on the cloud. 


5.  We are rebranding eXp in Hawaii.  The eXp Realty - Luxury collection is new to Hawaii, and The Kawaguchi Group will be growing that brand on Oahu to become one of the premier agencies for luxury business.  


Here is a video explaining the brokerage model of eXp Realty


Text or call me if you would like to have a private conversation.  808-351-9795