With it's amazing location just in front of Koko Head crater in Hawaii Kai, the neighborhood of Koko Head Terrace makes coming home a beautiful thing.

    The homes in Koko Head Terrace were all originally built between 1965-1971 and were constructed by using the single wall method of construction. Single wall construction is quite common here (and in other tropical regions) as we do not need a method of heating for homes, which makes insulation unnecessary. A majority of traditional Hawaiian homes were built using single wall construction. With the homes having been built with single wall construction, they were all originally single story. When you see a 2 story home in Koko Head Terrace, it's safe to say that they had to have it re-engineered and framed in double wall in order to support the structure above.

    The homes all range between (approximately) 1000-1800 sqft. With an exception to those that have been enlarged and remodeled. Land square footage is between approx. 5000-6000 sq ft., also with the exception of a few larger lots.


    Some Realtors claim that Koko Head Terrace is an "entry level" area within Hawaii Kai for consumers to buy a single family home, but with prices this year (2015) ranging from $720K-$1.250M, I'm not sure that's so true anymore. Depending on how renovated a home is prices per sq ft are about $373-$644.....PER SQUARE FOOT!!! But, there's a reason that these home prices continually go up...living in Hawaii Kai, the beauty, the suburban feel, the convenience of shopping, the great public school's, the variety of outdoor activities and easy proximity to nice beaches helps boost these prices each year.

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-Chelsea Pferschy RS# 76072