I visited Koko Isle yesterday with a client to view a nice 2 bedroom marina front unit that is listed for $649,000.

The first thing I noticed is that the entire complex has been freshly painted, and the place looks great again. For about the last 10 years, Koko Isle has been a little bit drab, with chipped paint and fading colors that looked a lot like US Army barracks. But check out how nice it looks now with some new colors and refinished fencing.

Koko Isle town homes

With the nice new facelift, these marina front units are ready to compete with Kuapa Isle, which has been a much nicer complex for several years.  Each Koko Isle unit that is on the water has (or can have) it's own private dock, which will accomodate a boat as wide as the unit itself, usually around 25 feet or so.

koko isle docks

I made a little video while I drove around the complex, so you can see how it looks now. Also added some pictures from the current listings in Koko Isle.