Kona Coffee is one of my favorite truly locally grown Hawaiian products. The good folks at Kona Comfort coffee help me get out of bed in the morning with their freshly roasted Kona beans, and I thought I might just give a little help to a company I really believe has a great product - way better than anything you can buy from a big nationwide brand.  

kona coffee

Kona coffee is grown on the slopes ofHualalaiandMauna Loain the North and SouthKona Districtsof theBig IslandofHawaii. It is, in fact, the only place that coffee grows in all of America as it is the only land we have that falls in the coffee belt. The incredibly rich volcanic soil combined with Hawaii's sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons creates just about the best environment this world has to offer for growing coffee beans.

The big island of Hawaii is called "big" because it's about 5 times larger than the other islands of Hawaii.  Still it is a relatively small chunk of land just over four-thousand square miles, and, as I mentioned above, the beans only really grow on one side of two hills on the whole island. This means true Kona coffees are really limited in supply and the prices elsewhere in the world will reflect just how special this coffee is.

As for roasters, the people at Kona Comfort are really good at what they do.  When I order from them, the coffee is so fresh that nothing else can compare. They roast the coffee in small batches so that it's always fresh and although that might sound like marketing mumbo jumbo, they literally roast the beans one day and ship them to you the next. If you order coffee from Kona Comfort, you can be drinking it within 24 hours of the beans coming out of the roaster, no matter where you are in the States.

You might have tried Kona coffee blends, which are usually made up of about 10% Kona beans and mixed with other beans from Columbia, Brazilian or any other country in the coffee belt.  Read: totally bogus.  But Kona Comfort is 100 percent Kona beans, all the time.

Unlike some of the larger brands, Kona Comfort has a decisively stronger but not burnt taste.  They manage to give a unique and really delicious flavor to one of the world's rarest and most sought after coffee beans. And they do all this using 100% USDA certified organic Kona coffee beans.

All that stuff is great. True, the product is unbelievable, but what really strikes me is their customer service. This week I got a hand written letter of thanks on the back of my receipt and every time I deal with them, it always seems like a very personal experience; much more so than from other coffee roasters. These are good people who make a quality product and I recommend you give them a try.

Here they are:Kona Comfort