Star did a great article on the average pay in Hawaii compared to other states. People talk a lot about the high cost of living here in Hawaii, but in almost every case with my clients, they are getting a nice raise to come here. So I've always thought that pay in Hawaii was more than other states overall, but today's news article confirms it.

From Star:

    Honolulu was 5 percent higher than the national average in 2006, ranking it in
    the top tier, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In a comparison
    of pay in 78 metropolitan areas across the nation, Honolulu ranked No. 17 in a
    tie with Philadelphia, according to bureau economist Amar Mann. "Honolulu is
    basically in the top 20 percent, which is the highest quintile," said Mann. The
    uptick in pay, however, is counterbalanced by the higher cost of living and
    inflation here. Consumer prices for Honolulu went up 5 percent over last year,
    according to the bureau's report last month, which was more than double the 2.4
    percent gain for the entire nation."