The beautiful condo I posted yesterday for $650k has already sold at full price, in less than 24 hours.  That's just the market right now.  The condo was listed at about noon yesterday, and by 11pm I had received an offer, several phone calls, and tons of other interest.

In this case, the buyer was very wise - he acted quickly, didn't low ball, and presented a very clean offer.  I can guarantee that if all those things didn't come together, he would have been waiting around all weekend to see if we got other offers, which I'm sure would have been the case. 

My sellers also acted wisely - didn't price too high, didn't wait around to see if other offers came in, and didn't counter offer.  Sometimes sellers want to counter even higher than their asking, which just makes a buyer mad. I've had good offers fall apart because sellers got greedy. 

In this case - both parties were very smart, not greedy, and everyone ends up happy : )