I have some ideas that I think would be a great alternative to rail or any other changes to the traffic problem. Since the city is collecting millions of dollars with the extra 0.5% GET for rail, why not use that money in these ways that would greatly reduce traffic and save our city billions of dollars by not building rail or new freeways.  Besides, we're never going to have enough money to fund the rail system anyway.

So here are my ideas, and the dollar amounts are just examples:

    * Give companies $50k/year in tax credits for each employee that they move from an office in Honolulu to one in Kapolei.
    * Companies with more than 10 employees could be paid $250k to move their company to Kapolei.
    * Give companies $50k (or so) per employee to change that employee's schedule to 10am-8pm, or night shift, or swing shift. There are many employees doing things that don't need to be done 8am-5pm.
    * Give companies $50k per employee to make all their employees work Tues-Sat. Also they work earlier and stay later, to reduce traffic. Some people could work Wed-Sun.
    * If we switch a lot of government offices and services to Wed-Sun work week or have them open at night, then the city would also become more productive in that people would not have to take work off in order to go to the city hall, or DMV or the DPP or DLNR, or wherever they have to go.

Of course we would have to have a way to track that these changes were actually happening, and we would pay them per month or in the form of tax credits, and of course they have to keep doing it indefinitely to keep receeving the money.

These ideas might work, and would change the flow of traffic all around Honolulu.