Everyone here thinks of it as Ocean Pointe, but thecimg0020_400 real name of the new development is now "Hoakalei and Ka Makana."  I'm not sure why they chose such a difficult name, but that is what the sign says. Technically, Ocean Pointe is done, and now it's on with the new part of the development.

I was there yesterday with a client, viewing the brand new homes and models. It's tempting, with all the great things that come with newness, but right now the waiting list is literally 6 months long.  If you show up right now with cash, they can't sell you a house until about June or July, maybe August. 

Homes have been selling there like hot cakes, and every home we were looking at has a waiting list about 7 people long.  Priced between about $500k and $1million, the homes at Ka Makana are right in the median price range of homes in Oahu real estate.

I'm pretty sure there will be about 50 new resale listings in January though.  That should help the buyers a lot.  At least I hope so, because I have several buyers waiting for something good in that area.